VICAM Fluorometer

The Vicam Series-4EX Fluorometer is a specially designed instrument for quantitative determination the level of mycotoxins in food and feed, using specialized Vicam immunoaffinity columns to prepare the samples, required for the measurement. Vicam Series-4EX Fluorometer delivers precise results comparable to the accuracy of HPLC equipment. The measurement result is displayed on the unit display and printed on a built-in printing device. The Vicam Series-4EX has sufficient capacity to store all VICAM mycotoxicology protocols and calibration levels as well as 200 test results. The measurement results are shown in numerical form in the relevant units – ppm, ppb, ppt, mg/kg, μg/kg, or ng/kg.


VICAM Lateral Flow

The rapid tests for quantitative measurement of mycotoxins in food and feed, which the company VICAM a Waters business offers on the world market, do not require laboratory conditions and specialized training for working with laboratory equipment. The proposed rapid quantitative tests for determination of mycotoxins in food and feed are intended for ongoing control of possible contamination in the process of grain production and storage. The sample preparation procedure involves one dilution and saves time and materials. The test is performed in less than 5 minutes (excluding the sample preparation time). The measured mycotoxin result is displayed on the screen of Vertu™ reader in numerical form, using the following units: ppm, ppb, ppt, mg/kg, µg/kg, or ng/kg.