SpectraAlyzer GRAIN – All Grain Analyzer And Quality Check

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The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN is an all grain analyzer, Near-InfraRed spectrometer which is dedicated to analyze the composition of grain samples using the near-infrared absorbance characteristics of the sample spectra.


  • Each grain analyzer can be fitted with a test weight module (aka Bushel weight, hectoliter weight, or specific weight) to determine the volume to weight ratio of the sample.
  • The all grain quality check instrument is controlled with an easy-to-use icon driven software, using a modern interface glass panel slider called COS Central Operation Slider, and a color TFT display with 640×480 pixels.
  • The innovative graphical user interface and its functions is very intuitively to use.
  • The user interface is made of glass for easy hygienic cleaning and years of maintenance free operation.

Major quality parameters in 45 Secs:

Protein, Moisture, Oil, Ash, Hardness and Water absorption

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