HPLC System for Food Analysis Analytical HPLC system up to 862 bar with diode array detection

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This gradient HPLC system perfectly meets even sophisticated analysis demands up to the UHPLC range. It offers first class performance and quality „Made in Germany“. This system features a low pressure gradient pump (AZURA® P 6.1L), the autosampler (AZURA® AS 6.1L), a column thermostat CT 2.1 and a DAD 2.1L UV/VIS detector with 8 variable wavelength measuring channels from 190–750 nm. The system is controled via KNAUER ClarityChrom® chromatography software.

The low-pressure gradient pump P 6.1L operates with very precise valve control and features an internal degasser for efficient online-degassing of the eluent. The mixing chamber of the pump is available in three different volumes depending on the application (100 μl is standard). The DAD 2.1L features a novel light path and flow cell architecture with improved handling and excellent performance. The frontal lamp and cell change ensures easy and secure maintenance. The temperature controlled optical bench minimizes signal drift. The wide range of flow cells allows the DAD 2.1L to be easily adapted to your needs. The autosampler AS 6.1L can inject up to 768 samples from microtiter plates or 108 standard 2 ml vial samples. Minimum injection volume is 0.1 μl. The column thermostat AZURA CT 2.1 can hold up to 6 columns with a max. length of 300 mm and keep the temperature constant in the range of 5 °C to 85 °C. With the Mobile Control software you have your AZURA devices under control: Monitor the status of several devices at the same time from the tablet or simply make settings. This control software is the perfect complement to your chromatography data system. The user management ensures that system parameters can only be changed by logged-in users. KNAUER ClarityChrom® is a powerful, yet easy-to-use chromatography software (or chromatography data system, CDS) for instrument control, data acquisition and data processing.

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