SciAg is a Nigerian company with a long-standing history of success stories where we have supplied a vast range of laboratory equipment as well as high-level technical support to both the food, agriculture, oil & gas, and pharmaceutical industries. We represented very well-respected European manufacturers and employed specialist personnel to undertake installation, training, and high-quality after-sales service. We want to be the chosen dependable technology partner and to continuously support them on their journeys towards optimum quality, safety, and ultimate success.
  • Projects on the training of farmers and aggregators on the use of Mycotoxin testing equipment.
  • Project with Food Industries.
  • Supply of Mycotoxin equipment and consumables.
  • Supply of Machinery.
  • Supply of Laboratory equipment.
  • Supply of Chemicals and Consumables.

The company aim to offer its customers the opportunity to reduce its laboratory costs, while not compromising on Quality or Service Delivery. SciAg ensures quality products and services by adhering to all Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) requirements. We endeavor not to sell you just a product, but a solution.


To be the leading international food testing company, with diversified interests in the supply of machinery, contaminant equipment, and primary testing of agro produce so as to improve the livelihoods of farmers across the region, pharmaceutical, food and beverage companies both for domestic and international markets.

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